Interview by Amy Pickles with Renée Turner for the Rotterdam Arts & Sciences Lab

You know, one of the things I like about writing in a digital environment is that there is no master narrative, only tentative propositions, networked connections that can be followed or ignored. Maybe as a form, it suits my own inability to prioritise and make decisions and my desire to circle around things without really landing on a single point or conclusion.

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One of the challenges of making The Warp and Weft of Memory was bringing a sense of materiality to the digital. After all, clothing and textiles are tactile. Taffetas are crisp and rustle when moved, wool is rough or soft depending on how it has been treated, and silk is smooth and light to the touch.

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The Warp and Weft of Memory (online narrative archive)

Combining writing, photographs of her clothes, videos, and illustrations, Renée Turner reflects on her direct encounter with Gisèle’s belongings, the intimacy of the closet, and how its content reflects her life, the history of the Netherlands before, during, and after the war, women and their clothing, the privileges of class, and the persona of the female artist. While each garment has its own story, it can be woven into a larger tapestry of other narratives, past and present.

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The Female Perspective

The Female Perspective was the annual program curated by Nina Folkersma for Castrum Peregrini from 2017-2018.  The publication featuring highlights was designed by Roosje Klap and Pauline Le Pape – who collaborate under the name Atelier Roosje Klap. 

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Learning Otherwise

This series of lectures entitled, Critically Committed Pedagogies: Learning Otherwise, examines unexpected sites and paradigms of learning, with the aim of plotting spaces for maneuverability, if not resistance or possibilities for imagining and acting otherwise in the present.

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15 – 17 th of December: Women + Craft + Poetry

You are cordially invited to our second Artists Weekend: a weekend full of artist talks, presentations, conversations and poetry readings, from Friday December 15 till Sunday December 17 in Castrum Peregrini. The Artists Weekend is part of our 2017 year programme The Female Perspective, curated by Nina Folkersma. This programme focuses on issues around female…

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Join us for Living as Form at Castrum Peregrini

International Conference: LIVING AS FORM

First day with keynotes by: Renzo Martens, Patricia Kaersenhout and Pierluigi Sacco.
On 2nd day ‘Open Space Technology’ facilitated by Mahir Namur, with contributions by Tandem (ECF, Breg Horemans), A Sharing Academy (Merlijn Twaalfhoven), University of Utrecht, dept. Community Art: Practice and Theory (Eugène van Erven), DasArt Creative Producer (Barbara van Lindt), Willem de Kooning Academy (Renee Turner), University of the Arts Utrecht (Thera Jonker), Sandberg Institut (Thomas Spijkermann)

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