DIWO @ HTTP Gallery

Now at HTTP Gallery: Do It With Others (DIWO) at the Dark Mountain A Mail-Art project across physical and digital networks I have a mix within the mix and it can be found online here. Although the experience was too short, I thoroughly enjoyed doing it with others!

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Feed: an evening of networked image and slogan feeding

Performed between ten and midnight on July 09, 2009
Feed: a project by De Geuzen: a foundation for multi-visual research (www.geuzen.org)

Feed was broadcast from the windows of the CBK, a centre for contemporary art in Rotterdam. Over the course of the evening people uploaded images and slogans from near and remote locations. The collection was multi-authored and produced on the fly.

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Conspiracy text

They say they were released——————They say they have chosen a new leader——————They say the protests have not stopped——————They say he threw it at him in anger——————They say the government didn’t do enough——————They say a number of people have died——————They say some are still missing——————They say they are plotting——————They say they have been kidnapped——————They say they…

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Stuart Hall

“I’m Gramscian: pessimism of the intellect, optimism of the will.” Stuart Hall, from Interviews Vol 1, Hans Ulrich Obrist, 2003 Hall speaks about globalization and the complexities of cosmopolitanism:

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Kore Press and Literary Activism: an interview with Lisa Bowden

Since 1993 Kore Press has been dedicated to publishing women’s literary art.  Situated in Tucson, Arizona, it embodies the spirit of “literary activism”.  Kore, pronounced (koray), is the Greek word for daughter and another name for the goddess Persephone.  The press was founded by Lisa Bowden and Karen Falkenstrom, and Shannon Cain is currently the…

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