Fault Lines: KABK Research Symposium 2019

This one-day symposium, presented by the KABK Design Lectorate, features projects being developed through the KABK Research Group 2019, with an emphasis on practice-led research. Art and design research methods to be explored include: activism, collaboration, collective making, corresponding, diagramming, drawing, enactment, filmmaking, framing, juxtaposition, letter-writing, mapping, movement, notation, pedagogy, performance, re-archiving, re-narration, salvaging, speculation, translation, visual analysis, zooming in, and more.

To help contextualize the projects, the day has been organized into thematic groupings, each introduced by an invited keynote speaker: 

Framing and Reframing Archives
Renée Turner
, artist and scholar / Lauren Alexander, designer, researcher, artist, and tutor in KABK BA Graphic Design and MA Non-Linear Narrative / Dr. Andrea Stultiens, photographer, artist, researcher, and tutor in KABK MA Photography & Society

Performing Bodies
Dr. Mijke van der Drift
, philosopher and filmmaker / Lyndsey Housden, artist and tutor in KABK BA Interactive Media Design / Van ‘t Hullenaar & Vis (Niels Vis and Merel Van ‘t Hullenaar), artist duo

Queering Art and Design Pedagogies
Joy Mariama Smith
, performance, installation, and movement artist and educator / Carly Rose Bedford and Gabriel .A. Maher, artists and tutors in KABK BA Interior Architecture & Furniture Design

Re-imagining Operations
FRAUD (Audrey Samson and Francisco Gallardo)
, artist/research duo / Ruben Pater, designer, writer and tutor in KABK BA Graphic Design and MA Non-Linear Narrative / Marthe Prins, tutor in KABK BA Graphic Design, and Benedikt Weishaupt, (artist-duo Confusion of Tongues)

The symposium will be moderated by Dr. Alice Twemlow, KABK Design Lector and associate pofessor at Leiden University’s Academy of Creative and Performing Arts (ACPA,) and will close with a keynote by Dr. Peter Hall, senior lecturer and course leader, BA (Hons) Graphic Communication Design at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London.

The event is free of charge, but you do need to register
For presentation descriptions and full schedule, please visit the symposium webpage.

Fault Lines: Some Research Methods in Art and Design
December 6–10, 2019
Drinks reception at 6:30pm on Friday, December 6, directly after the symposium.

In this exhibition we present projects developed by the KABK Research Group 2018 which address, through a combination of theoretical, historical and practice-based research, some of the pressing issues of our time, namely: ecological crisis, digital pollution, surveillance infrastructure, coloniality, and affect space.

While some of the artistic outcomes of the research are on display, the aim of this exhibition has been to extrapolate and make legible the research methods which were used to gather, surface and analyse findings. By revealing and reflecting upon the normally hidden mechanics and motivations of the research process, we hope to contribute to the building of a research culture at KABK that is as open and imaginative as it is rigorous.

Featured researchers: Rachel Bacon, tutor in KABK BA Fine Arts / Eric Kluitenberg, tutor in KABK BA ArtScience, MA ArtScience, and Interactive/Media/Design / Niels Schrader, (in collaboration with Roel Backaert,) co-head of KABK BA Graphic Design and MA Non-Linear Narrative / Rosa te Velde, tutor in BA Interior Architecture & Furniture Design / Donald Weber, tutor in KABK BA Photography and MA Photography & Society

For full information, please visit the exhibition webpage

KABK Lectorate Design
The Lectorate Design, headed by Dr. Alice Twemlow aims to nurture a robust design-focused research culture within the KABK and via the channels that connect KABK and Leiden University. The lectorate is centred on a research project titled Design and the Deep Future, which explores design in the context of expanded timescales.