A Cup of Tea as an Archive: Conversation on Participation

For many years archives are hot both as a theme of academic discussion and as a space for the creative and investigative processes of many artists. This is a stark contrast to the traditional image of an archive as a dead place or the stereotypical archivist: a grey specialist with glasses and sleeve protectors. Let’s remind ourselves of the two main functions of archives. The first, very practical one, is to keep an organisation, a community or a country running, such as the archive of our tax files. The other function, less urgent, is that of the memory archive.

Within the framework of “A Cup of Tea as an Archive” Project this time Nil İlkbaşaran will host 6 academicians and artists with an affinity for participatory art : Chrissie Tiller, Claire Binyon, Renée Turner, Steve Tiller, Cesare Davolio, Stefano Bertacchini.

In a conversation moderated by Renée Turner the group will unpack some characteristics of participatory works related to Sinopale and the role of archives.

This open public event will be held on zoom, will be recorded and the recording will be published on this page.

Zoom Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83134025445