COOKIE! & Conversation at the Piet Zwart Institute

As a part of Art Rotterdam, the MFA program at the Piet Zwart Institute launched COOKIE, a collection of essays by Jan Verwoert edited by Vivian Sky Rehberg and Marnie Slater, and designed by Nienke Terpsma.

Launched with (yes, it’s true)  cookies and tea –  The process of writing was central to the discussion.  Nienke acknowledged that both design and writing are something forged out of conversation,  almost a process of co-authoring. Vivian spoke about putting words to thoughts and feelings as a means of understanding one’s own relation to a work – whether that experience is positive or negative. Marnie talked about writing as something solitary,  but also full of invasions – skype calls from Mom,  emails from friends.  Interruption was a recurring theme, and I suppose a modern-day dilemma indicative of the attention economy we find ourselves subject to.  Finally,  Jan spoke about Jim Henson’s Muppets and two archetypes – Kermit and Cookie Monster. Each representing two different drives – one the idealist driven by the mind and Utopic ideals (i.e. “Someday we’ll find it – The rainbow connection – The lovers, the dreamers and me”) and the other embodying pure desire and longing = in other words,  “COOKIE!”