Post Script – P.S.

Below are a few highlights – to contextualize – it might be handy to read the original event description here.

*Smadar Dreyfus spoke of the power of the voice, the disjunction between image, sound and experience, and the capacity of the viewer to move past positions of spectatorship towards an embodied encounter of the work.
Rick Prelinger lectured on home movies, evidence based documentaries and the value of facts over anecdotes.
*Pablo Sigg spoke of blurring territories, layered histories and film-making as a form of exorcism.
*Keith Sanborn concluded with the last talk of the day by examining methods of detournement.

The event was followed by a P.S. dinner featuring favorite recipes from all of the speakers. The dinner was organised and designed by the PZI Interdepartmental Think Tank.

Thanks to all speakers, students, staff and the whole PZI community for making this event insightful and quite simply a fantastic day!