Researcher at RASL

RASL, Rotterdam Arts and Sciences Lab, is a consortium between Codarts, Arts & Culture Studies (EUR), Erasmus University College (EUR) and the Willem de Kooning Academy. Part of the work I do within RASL is to work with other partner institutes on an Erasmus + awarded body of research exploring transdisciplinary education combining the arts, humanities and sciences.

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Reflections on the 15th ELIA Biennial Conference

From November 21st through the 24th, the Willem de Kooning Academy and Codarts hosted the 15th ELIA Biennial Conference in Rotterdam. Two years in the planning, we welcomed over 460 delegates from art academies across the world. The conference titled Resilience and the City: Art, Education & Urbanism explored four wide-ranging themes: Shifting Centres, Shifting Margins; Art and Social Cohesion; Art and Economy and Art and Innovation.

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Setting the Interconnected Table

Networks of people, things, and places don’t emerge from thin air. They are choreographed, staged, plotted, and planned. This workshop, within the context of The Autonomous Fabric research at the Willem de Kooning Academy, explored the table as a scene. It looked at the ritual of eating together as a catalyst for exchange. Working with…

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