Out Now: European Academy of Participation

A table can facilitate conviviality or become a dividing barrier. What are you staging: a dinner, debate, conversation, interrogation, or arm-wrestling competition?

Chapter: Notes on Cooking & Eating Together, by Claire Binyon and Renée Turner (p.109), Avinus Academia, 2023.

Together with Claire Binyon, Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Music and Performing Arts, ESMAE, Polytechnic of Porto, we have gathered our reflections, Notes On Cooking And Eating Together (pp. 108-117) in the publication, European Academy of Participation. Edited by Lars Ebert & Joachim Umlauf, the book “sketches the connections ­between participation, arts, identity and contested heritage that have been the focus of a series of EU-funded projects by Goethe Institut and Stichting H401 in the last 15 years. Collaborators and partners in these projects reflect on the definition, potential and limitations of participation in the arts. Contributions range from policy recommendations to academic articles and friendly conversations: a resourceful collection of food for thought on inclusive and accessible participation in the creative and heritage sector.”

You can order the publication here.