Tuning Transdisciplinary Education is a part of a larger Erasmus+ project that took place from 2019 to 2022. Initially, we, somewhat naively, planned to design a curriculum which would lay the grounds for transdisciplinary teaching. However, as we hosted different events, conducted interviews, gathered keywords, and reviewed related literature, projects and teaching practices, we realised transdisciplinary education is profoundly contingent and fluid. 

Collaborative teaching, which is what it must always be in a transdisciplinary context, is a journey that moves with, against, through and beyond disciplines and often makes vulnerable, if not debunks, hierarchies of knowledge. Transdisciplinary teaching requires care, attentive listening and making subtle adjustments in relation to oneself, others and the infusion of a place, time and situation. Individual and collective aims and visceralities must be accounted for, sensed and heard. It is an all-encompassing act of tuning into the many frequencies, audible and inaudible.

With this in mind, rather than drafting a ‘how-to’ guide or taking a one-size-fits-all approach, this site offers an (imperfect) trace of our research process and findings. It is intended as a resource for tuning (verb) transdisciplinary education.