Excerpts from an interview with Robin van den Akker and Renée Turner

As a part of the publication, RASL COMPOSITIONS: Collaboration, Commitment and Creativity in Education, Robin van den Akker and I discuss the potential of transdiciplinary education and approaches. Interviewed by Inge Janse, our conversation touches upon mapping the cultural moment, responding rather than reacting to the present and critically questioning the brief when it comes to so-called wicked problems.

About the publication:

RASL COMPOSITIONS: Collaboration, Commitment and Creativity in Education

In addition to being the title of our collection of essays, RASL Compositions is also the name of the lab’s current education-focused research project. RASL Compositions: Collaboration, Commitment and Creativity in Education is an innovative, transdisciplinary approach to education, designed to break through and move beyond disciplinary boundaries, to facilitate new ways of knowledge production and to encourage collaborative thinking between academia, art and society. The project consists of a student education programme (in the form of a minor planned for 2019, currently being developed), a teacher training programme and an accompanying research school. Through these programmes, education becomes a space where knowledge is not only absorbed, but also produced. The educational sphere is no longer a mere extension of research, where knowledge developed in research practices is “simply” transferred to educational practices (Nicolescu, 1997). Instead, educational practices become research practices themselves. And in this case, they will become transdisciplinary research practices.

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