ART for MEMORY – Karen Bernedo and Orestes Bermudez Rojas (Peru) in Conversation with Renée Turner

This event hosted and organised by Castrum Peregrini in collaboration with the Prince Claus Fund and is part of Culture in Action 2014 Prince Claus Awards Week.
Lecture Conversation
Art for Memory
7 december, 19 uur
Entrance 5 euro; students 3 euro;
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Karen Bernedo and Orestes Bermudez Rojas will present their work and enter into a conversation with Renée Turner about the role of art in collective memory processes.

Karen Bernedo Morales is an independent curator and researcher. She is the director of Virtual Museum of Arts and Politica Violence and Member and co-foundator of Itinerant Museum of Art for Memory.

Orestes Bermudez Rojas as a visual artist and a member an co-foundator of Itinerant Museum Art for Memory.

Renée Turner is an American artist living in the Netherlands. She is the Director of the Piet Zwart Institute of the Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam, running four Master Courses founded on the complex social, cultural and political underpinnings of art.

Itinerant Museum of Art for Memory -Museo Itinerante de Arte por la Memoria -, one of the initiatives receiving the prestigious Prince Claus Award 2014. This collective has played a galvanizing role in recent years by using diverse art forms to challenge current memory practices in Peru, a country that faces multiple challenges in its efforts to overcome the recent conflict between government forces and insurgent groups that resulted in 70,000 deaths. The Itinerant Museum has travelled the length and breadth of Peru to bring the artwork to a broad audience and provoke new ways of thinking and talking about the violence that subsumed Peru in the 1980s and 1990s. It is a project of hope that challenges us to think not only about the violence that was inflicted upon so many innocent people but also about our own complicity in structures of violence.