Libraries of Shared Interest & the Mobile Library (1999 – 2010)

The Walk-in Reader

The Walk-in Reader was De Geuzen’s first library of shared interests or temporary archive. It was designed in collaboration with artist Apolonija Šušteršič for the 2 exhibition which was curated by Hou Hanru. The space was conceived as an open public resource and a place to explore various processes of urban transformation taking place in the Netherlands. Texts, videos, urls, and other materials were collected around the themes, Mapping, Moments of Convergence, Envisioning Cultural Paradigms Across Disciplinary Boundaries and Shifting Economies.

Also tours, screenings, lectures and walks were organised each week around the main themes.

The following people gave lectures or presentations within The Walk-In Reader: Anke Bangma (curator) Ine Gevers (curator), Nic Tummers (founder of the University of Social Space/Universiteit van de Socio-ruimte), IT SIL HEVE (Renée Kool, Gabriëlle Marks, Jacob Bijker and Stefan Kunzmann), Dr. Rob van Engelsdorp Gastelaars (Social Geographer), Lennaart van Oldenborgh (artist), Joke van Kampen (editor-in-chief of Z magazine, the Amsterdam homeless magazine), Stephan Raes (Political Economist) and Ron Boot (coordinator at the Streetcornerwork Foundation), David Garcia (artist/media critic), Karin Daan (designer of the Homomonument Amsterdam). There was also an Open Breakfast for the Next 5 Minutes Tactical Media Conference with an unexpected visitor, Gustav Metzger.

The Temporary Archive

Manifesta 3: Borderline Syndrome / Energies of Defence, Ljubljana, Slovenia (2000)

For Manifesta 3, De Geuzen designed the Temporary Archive. The space, situated in Ljubljana’s Moderna Galerija, operated as a platform for research, production, learning, lingering, and exchange. Using border delineation as a frame of reference or matrix for gathering materials, De Geuzen used its own book collection as a point of departure. Themes were developed in a viral manner as related books, URLs, and materials were added throughout the duration of the exhibition. As new materials entered the collection they were classified under a thematic heading. A photocopier was placed in the room for people to create take-home compiled readers from the collection. Next to this, there was a children’s section with books and puzzle maps.

The Temporary Archive of Shared Interests @ Künstlerhaus Bremen

The Temporary Archive of Shared Interests at Künstlerhaus Bremen (2001) was a part of an exhibition that brought together a collection of ‘Do It Yourself’ projects focussing on tactics for claiming space, place, and representation. Through manuals, posters, patterns, online references, and other printed matter, a variety of Geuzen skills, tips, and tricks converged in an open-source form. A recipe for creating your own Temporary Archive of Shared Interests was written and posted online as a DIY resource.

The Mobile Library

For the Brussels’ Festival Jonctions/Verbindingen 10, De Geuzen designed and developed The Mobile Library. Worn and hosted by Isabelle Bats, the library housed three portable video players and a collection of films and videos by Alain Cavalier, Chantal Akerman, Martha Rosler, and others.