Screenshot of preparations for “Aesthetic Strategies As Critical Interventions”

Saturday, Dec. 10, 2011: Aesthetic strategies as critical interventions. Works presented by JR Carpenter, Renée Turner, Andreas Jacobs and Simon Biggs. Panel hosted by Rita Raley. Location: Perdu Theater, Kloveniersburgwal 86, Amsterdam. I talked briefly about De Geuzen’s work the Global Anxiety Monitor, which ran from 2007 until October 2011. Operating through the browser, the…

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Sniff, Scrape, Crawl…

Sniff, Scrape, Crawl… Two Consecutive Panels Looking at Privacy and Surveillance Presented at ISEA (International Symposium on Electronic Arts) Istanbul, Turkey 2011 Our society is one not of spectacle, but of surveillance… Michel Foucault, Discipline and Punish: The Birth of the Prison, trans. Alan Sheridan (New York, 1979), p. 217 We are living in a…

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The Global Anxiety Monitor @ STUK

In On Gaps and Silent Documents international artists question the absence of documents and data in archives, data banks and memory. What is missing? Has it never been there or has it been removed? Does available information exist that is not looked at, read or used? Archives and data banks are primarily determined by these gaps and silent documents. As Sven Spieker notes, “Archives are less concerned with memory than with the necessity to discard, erase, eliminate.”

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DIWO @ HTTP Gallery

Now at HTTP Gallery: Do It With Others (DIWO) at the Dark Mountain A Mail-Art project across physical and digital networks I have a mix within the mix and it can be found online here. Although the experience was too short, I thoroughly enjoyed doing it with others!

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Feed: an evening of networked image and slogan feeding

Performed between ten and midnight on July 09, 2009
Feed: a project by De Geuzen: a foundation for multi-visual research (

Feed was broadcast from the windows of the CBK, a centre for contemporary art in Rotterdam. Over the course of the evening people uploaded images and slogans from near and remote locations. The collection was multi-authored and produced on the fly.

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