V. Vale at PrintRoom

Yesterday at PrintRoom, a conversational drift with V. Vale, musician, writer and engine behind RE/Search Publications.

Endless threads were started, dropped, and taken up again – albeit in different directions. Much like the audience, the moderators, Karin de Jong and Florian Cramer could only surrender to Vale’s ebbs and flows.

While impossible to pinpoint an overarching theme, it was clear San Francisco’s Beat generation heavily influenced the Punk scene. Rather than being informed by nihilism and boredom – Vale’s Punk was infused with curiosity, channeling, chance, making things, and last but not least, anger.

Here are a few quotes I gleaned from his endless stream:

“Bruce Conner gave me this idea that maybe all undergrounds are the same…”

“It’s so fun to be an amateur anthropologist.”

“So, let me return to this idea that if all undergrounds are the same…well, they aren’t really…”

“Punk is really informed by paranoia.”